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Global warming is a reality as seen by the changes in weather patterns across the world. LLC believes in looking after our environment for the future generation. The Group believes in minimising the impact of our business activities on the environment and have implemented a Group wide environmental policy that commits to mitigate or minimise adverse impacts arising from our business activities, strive to ensure that we comply with all environmental standards, rules and regulations set by the relevant authorities, and to proactively reduce our carbon footprint on the environment.


The Group have instituted training programs to raise awareness our staff about the best practices that should put in place in order that we might “reuse, recycle, replenish, restore and reduce” wherever possible. Our staff have taken their own initiative to recycle paper whenever possible through recycling single-sided printouts, reducing usage through double-sided printing as well as enduring that used paper is sold to recycling companies.

Health and Safety

The Group ensures that all project sites and offices are safe and conducive for our employees and all who set foot on our premises and projects. The Group does not compromise on safety and security and have set a goal of zero fatality at all worksites and premises.

The Group also includes the suppliers and subcontractors to play an active role and be involved in our health and safety policies. All suppliers and subcontractors are appointed to form part our project site Health and Safety Committees to ensure their participation and representation.

Staff Development and Welfare

Staff development and welfare is an integral part of LLC Group. Policies are set to ensure that all staff are treated fairly, paid and rewarded equitably and given the right tools and opportunity to contribute their best and achieve their full potential within the Group.

Training is an important part of developing a skilled workforce that is aware of the latest applications and techniques. To this effect, the Group identifies staff training needs constantly, and training programmes and schemes were conducted both in-house and externally to meet these needs. Where appropriate, suitable employees are sent for courses to enhance their performance, upgrade their knowledge, obtain better skills and understanding of the industry.

The Group aims to inculcate a family based culture as all management and staff are part of the LLC family. Staff organised events are encouraged to develop bonding among each other such as birthday celebrations, festive celebrations, sports, competitions, recreational activities, company trips and our annual dinner.